Monday 29 August 2016

PowerShell and SCSM : Getting started with smlets

System Center Service Manager aka SCSM is a management tool within System Center Suite. SCSM doesn't have much popularity while we compare it with its siblings (SCCM,SCOM,SCVMM etc.),even though Microsoft has provided a bunch of PowerShell cmdlets for managing and automating administrative task from the shell which is in the module Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.Core.Cmdlets . This module comes within the SCSM.But still all the tasks which we do from the GUI console in SCSM is not possible to Automate using the default module.

Here comes our opensource SCSM module smlets, you can get it from codeplex and PSGallery.

Lets see how many cmdlets we have in smlets.

we have around cmdlets to manage SCSM using smlets.

Lets have a look on those, just a look.

We'll explore some of very important and usefull cmdlets in future posts.

Have Fun Exploring the Shell >_